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Superior Enterprise manufactures both flat & gusseted bags with fold-over or crimp bottom seals.  These bags are then utilized for products such as spices, candy, nuts, popcorn, greeting cards, toys, as well as a variety of other food and non-food items.  The sizes of these bags range from 2" to 12" width and up to 19” in length.

We also have the capability of converting polypropylene / cellophane laminations into bags.  A listing of the types of laminations available may be obtained through our customer service department. While Superior Enterprise focuses on bag manufacturing, we also offer other services through our sister company:

Action Packaging:
  Film packaging (over two million pounds of polypropylene, cellophane and laminated films in stock), slitting, sheeting, and lamination film structure available for use in film packaging and in form, fill & seal packaging; printing up to eight colors, including process printing, surface printing and reverse printed lamination.

What Separates Us From the Competition

Superior Enterprise is known throughout the industry for its product quality, competitive pricing, customer service and product availability.

Product Quality

Our bags are produced to meet the highest standards of quality in the industry.  To meet these standards, we have added a trained quality control technician to our production department.  This Q.C. technician constantly monitors the bag sizes (width & length) as well as the heating temperatures, as the bags are produced.

We will convert your bags from the exact type of film you request; we will never substitute with an inferior or less expensive film.  We stand behind our product and guarantee your bags will be produced according to specifications agreed upon.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive within the industry.  Even after taking into consideration the additional services we provide, our pricing will still be lower than most other converters in California.  Price quotes are available upon request.

Customer Service

Superior Enterprise prides itself on the excellent service provided to its customers.  Questions, suggestions, concerns and problems are addressed immediately.  

Product availability

We currently stock over five million bags for our customers.  This enables us to have product available for new customers as well.  With emergency orders, product may be made available within 24 hours.  For customers that place a “blanket purchase order,” we will stock product for you.  This will reduce our normal lead-time of approximately two weeks to one or two days.  Factors such as pricing, order size and location will determine will-call or delivery options.

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